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Monday, February 4, 2013

President Robert Mugabe's 16-Year-Old Son Expelled From Zimbabwe's Top Private School

Like father, like son
 President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe’s teenage son has been expelled from a top private school for gross indiscipline...Mugabe is a tyrant who has ruled Zimbabwe for over 25 years.
Unruly Bellarmine Chatunga, 16, was removed from St George’s College after a history of run-ins with authorities and a week-long suspension for bad behaviour last year.
He was removed after a meeting last week during which staff and school administrators are said to have “agonised” over possible repercussions for their decision.
A school source said: “It’s a case of power corrupts early.”
His expulsion follows that of Mugabe’s elder son Robert, now 21 - nicknamed the “undertaker” by his father for his six ungraded A-Levels - who was expelled from the same school eight years ago.
...can this even happen in Nigeria?


  1. In Nigeria? No way!

  2. I suspect the teachers will soon be going missing

    1. poor teachers having to stress whether or not to expel fearing for their lives...they will soon be unemployed or 6feet under somewhere unknown..

  3. This can never happen in Naija


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