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Saturday, February 9, 2013

What Is Happening To Lil' Kim's Face?

OMG!  Lil' Kim…what on earth have you done?
It appears the rapper went back under the knife once again!
Kim was spotted a couple of days ago with what was obviously a brand new face!
Beginning from her cheeks, her nose, her eyes...this is no longer funny as she's just starting to look like...what I don't know....this is what Lil' Kim used to look like...

Check out what she looks like now...after the cut...

What is this? Head transplant?


  1. She's obviously addicted to plastic surgery and doesn't know when to call it a day.Wish Plastic surgeons will learn to say NO to these plastic surgery addicts.she looked way better before she started tampering with her face.

  2. Plastic surgery and bleaching cream in action

  3. Is this head reconstruction or what?

  4. d devil is a liar... Dear Obehi i honestly respect u a lot, how do u cope sef with d dominance of a blogger n u yet get this very uncommon news? i wish u d very best IJN, UR TYM IS COMING TOO

  5. Walai She nids deliverance from inferiority complex. obehi i honestly dnt know hwere u get ur strenghth from bur i wish u success and grace to also excel like d most popular blogger in Naija IJN... U DEY TRY OHHH


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