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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Big Brother Update: Nigerian Beverly And South African Angelo 'Lip Lock' Kissing

After what was a rocking Channel O Party and having fun hugging in the garden, Beverly and Angelo started kissing very passionately on one of the beds upstairs in the Ruby House...
Beverly pushed Angelo away after a few seconds of lip locking, Angelo had already gotten on top of the Nigerian representative and was ready for the next move but Beverly got back to her senses and pushed him away. By the time Feza, Melvin and Oneal had gotten to the room, the two had stopped kissing and resumed shortly after as the others were arguing about missing booze.

Angelo and Beverly later moved downstairs and went to sit in the garden. Beverly secured a place on Angelo’s lap and the South African representative told her that she was the first person he’s kissed ever since the game started.

 Eerrrrrr... Angelo, was Beverly supposed to feel honoured or special? And what is your take on Beverly ?

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