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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Meet The 2-Year-Old Boy With An Undiagnosable Condition

A two-year-old boy who suffers with a severe facial deformity and may never learn to walk or talk has baffled doctors with his undiagnosable condition.
Despite suffering with a number of distinct symptoms, medical experts are unable to pinpoint exactly what is wrong with Aidan Jackoviak Smith.
His mother, Vikki, 40, says that specialists are now forced to work out what is wrong with him by a process of elimination as test after test comes back negative.
Aidan was born eight weeks prematurely weighing 4lb 10oz on Boxing day 2010 after an uneventful pregnancy.
He was immediately whisked away by nurses at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary because he was premature.
Vikki and husband Karl, 35, had no idea that their newborn son was in fact very ill with a rare condition.
Aidan had been born with a growth on his face, back and leg and three weeks later he started to experience seizures with alarming regularity. 

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