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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Reasons Why Khloe Kardashian's Husband, Lamar Odom Attacked A Paparazzi

It's now clear why Lamar Odom flipped out on a paparazzo in L.A. yesterday....in case you missed it...see the gist HERE.
According to TMZ, what actually happened was that Lamar was pissed that the snapper repeatedly hammered him about a report he cheated on Khloe Kardashian. 

The confrontation was all captured on video as the photographer rolled up to Lamar's car and asked if he stepped out on Khloe with a stripper. 
At first, Lamar calmly answered the question -- saying, "I would never cheat on my wife, that's why I wear my wedding ring."
But things quickly turned -- when Lamar asked the photographer or his name and then said, "I'm gonna step out the car and I'm gonna talk to you."

The video cuts ... and when it turns back on, Lamar is in the middle of the street with the photographer's gear ... and eventually puts it in his trunk. 

The photographer pleads for his stuff back -- Lamar replies, "Shut up."

Eventually, Lamar returned the gear....quite a drama!

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