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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rivers State Crisis: ''Professor Wole Soyinka Is An Embarrassment To His Throng Of Admirers And Followers''...First Lady, Patience Jonathan

Giving his 2 cents on the crisis rocking the Rivers state Assembly, Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka was quoted to have said that ''President Jonathan Should Call First Lady To Order'' see that report HERE.
But our dear first Lady, Patience Jonathan, has decided not to take such statements sitting down. Reacting to the comments by Wole Soyinka, in a statement released by the First lady's spokesman, Ayo Osinlu, she said:
“Unfortunately, Soyinka betrayed moral duty in his recent diatribe against Mrs. Patience Jonathan, of course, this would not be the first time he would reach out against the First Lady, usually from self-righteously indignant lecterns. 
“In this particular instance, his verdict was that Mrs. Jonathan was ‘stoking the crisis currently rocking her home state of Rivers…’, and thereupon asked Mr. President to caution his wife. 
“The good, old Prof. reminds one of the truth that indeed, most of the giants on the street are men of like passions like everyone else. Worse still, most of them are actually standing on clay feet and would fail the test of a gentle push'' 
“Otherwise, who would have believed that the social, civil, constitutional and sundry rights crusader Prof. would maintain a safe distance from the heart of an activity that is a potential threat to the peace, security and safety of the people of a state, then collect exaggerated stories and jaundiced perspectives from familiar propagandists and character assassins, and promptly summon the media to a “state of the nation” address. 
“It’s an embarrassment to his throng of admirers and followers, that a sage of Prof. Soyinka’s status, who used to be a gauge of public morality in this nation, would lend himself to a propaganda of high drive, to save a governor who elected to launch into a river without applicable survival skills.”

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