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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Senator Sani Yerima Pleads With The Senate To Support Underage Marriage In Nigeria

The former Zamfara State Governor and current Senator, Sani Yerima, whose marriage to a 13-year-old girl drew widespread outrage in 2009, literally pressed the Senate to reverse a vote that appeared to outlaw underage marriage.

The Senate also threw out the proposal of a six-year single tenure for the president and state governors.
The constitution states that full age means 18 years and above and the committee proposed a removal of part b of the clause which states that any woman that is married shall be deemed to be of full age.

Senators overwhelmingly backed the recommendation that it be removed, leaving the prospect of final passage if accepted by the House of Representatives and state Houses of Assembly.

However, Mr. Yerima questioned why the section dealing with age of a married woman was deleted, describing the move as un-Islamic.
...so Oga Yerima wants a 13 year old girl that is coerced into marriage to be seen as been of full age?

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