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Friday, June 24, 2011

Why Mother Of "7 Miracle Babies In One Year" Was Arrested And Detained By Police!

Very popular*Still gaining popularity* and overnight celebrity Mama: Precious Donatus Ogbonna, the woman who claimed to have given birth to seven babies in one year was yesterday detained by the police in Owerri, Imo State. The seven kids have been taken to a motherless babies
home in the town.

Mrs. Ogbonna had earlier told reported that her husband had abandoned their home and disclaimed the paternity of the babies.
She said: "He has not come home. He abandoned me and claims that he is not the father of the babies but I know only DNA test can convince him and bring him back."
Mr. Ogbonna has been avoiding the press and will not give his side of the story.
A close friend of the controversial woman, Mrs. Evan-Ibeh Florence, who earlier hinted us said that she was instrumental to her friend's(Mrs Ogbonna) visit to Lagos some weeks back which marked the beginning of her ordeal.
She said she did not know that bringing her to the public glare through the press would create problem for her friend, adding: "I never knew it would turn out this way for her, all I wanted was to get assistance from good spirited Nigerians for her through the press."

Meanwhile, Mrs. Ibe said that a DNA test has already been conducted and that the result was being awaited. She said that a popular TV presenter in Lagos was instrumental to carrying out the test, adding that the result would be ready soon to vindicate her friend.
Mrs. Ibe said: "I just hope the result comes soon to prove her story because I know she couldn't have stolen the babies. They did the test some weeks ago and we are still expecting the result from South Africa.
"They did it for six babies about three weeks ago, the seventh baby was done recently because they did not bring along the birth certificate with them initially."

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  1. It's either this is a miracle of a kind or a complete criminal delusion.


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