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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Domestic Violence: See What A Man Did To His Wife

Graphic Content: Remember the yesterday's story:"Husband Kills His 1-Year-Old Son, Mutilates Wife
Over Alleged Infidelity"?

The Wife has opened up saying: 'My hubby used hot iron, screw driver to burn me'

As you read this piece, the 36-year-old Mercy is going through excruciating pains in a private hospital in Okota where doctors are battling to save her life.

In fact, the once bubbling woman  looks a shadow of herself, as medical report showed that she sustained a third degree burns from the hot iron her husband of two years used on her on Saturday, April 7 2012, which was exclusively reported by here {http://urlred.com/FIciY}.

Presently, the badly burnt woman maintains a particular position, by sleeping on her back. She wears an adult pampers when she eases herself, with a tissue paper by her side, with which she cleans the fluid coming out from the burns. Help, as gathered, was far from the Imo state-born woman, as none of her neighbours attempted to go and find out what was happening when she was desperately shouting for help. It was learnt that their neighbours failed to respond to her cries for help because it has become a daily occurrence.

Crime Guard gathered also that on several occasions, some of the neighbours invited policemen from Ago division who cautioned her husband after which he was made to sign an undertaking never to raise his hands on his wife.

Narrating what led to her being a patient in the hospital, Mary stated, "It  all happened on a Saturday. I had prepared boiled yam, awaiting the arrival of my husband.  After a long wait, I decided to eat mine and left his on the table. He came back few minutes to 11pm and went straight to bed. Then at about 1 a.m., power was restored and he went to put off the power generating set and switched over to electricity.

After that, he started ironing his customers' clothes because he is a dry cleaner.

The unforgettable night

I was fast asleep when I was woken up by a sharp pain on my back.  I thought it was a night mare. But when I opened my eyes, lo and behold, my husband was planting the hot iron he was using on the clothes on me. Immediately I turned, he planted it on my chest. When I raised my hand to prevent it, he planted it on one of my hands . By then I did not know what to do. I started screaming and calling on my neighbours for help. I raised my leg to prevent him, again, he landed the hot iron on me.

As he planted the hot iron hard on my flesh, he would use a screw driver to peel  off the flesh. At a point, I became too weak to shout. I begged him to stop but he would not. Rather, he would ask me to tell him how many times his father slept with me. Even in pains, I begged him to listen to himself and  imagine what he was saying. My response seemed to anger him the more because he would plant it harder, leaving it on my skin and at the same time, asked me to tell him the truth."

At this point, Crime Guard asked if she was guilty of the claim. She grimaced and replied, "How can that be? The father already has a wife."   Pausing for a while and staring at the ceiling , a position she has been maintaining for several hours,  she continued, " at that point, my baby woke up and started crying . I begged him to allow me breast feed the baby .

But before I could finish the statement, he placed the hot iron on my breasts, threatening to kill me if I shout.  As he lifted the iron, I saw that the flesh from my breast had stuck to the iron surface. Again he pressed it harder on my stomach, leaving it there. I managed to turn, only for the iron to land on my lap.

He  told me there was no way of escape for me that night, that  members of his gang were outside to take my corpse to an unknown destination by the time he finished with me.   At that point, I knew the end had come for me. I managed to shout out for help with all the strength in me  but I could not.

At that point, he forcefully  took Ebuka from the bed and went outside. I decided to go out because I did not know what he would do next when he came back. I cannot tell how I crawled out of the room. But I found myself in the kitchen  naked, from where two men who saw me gave me wrapper to cover myself.

"As I was there, trying to fathom how I would escape from the compound, somebody shouted that my husband had killed my child. That was the last thing I heard. I guessed I passed out because I later opened my eyes and found myself in the hospital."

Residents of Number 3, Lambe street, Ago confirmed to Crime Guard that they simply refused to go to Mary's rescue that night because it was late and also that her shout for help had been one too many .

One of them said, " Since they started living as husband and wife, there had never been a time we did not experience shout or crisis from their one-room apartment. It is worse any time the man came home drunk. We have even gone to report to the police when it became too much because we did not want a situation where he would kill her one day and we would be held responsible. Even at that, he did not stop.

"Several times, the woman had wanted to go back to her family but  she wouldn't. Even her father-in-law had advised her to leave when she travelled home last December because he was tired of the endless reports of his son battering his daughter in-law."


  1. i hope the man has been arrested, the woman should be treated first and then let the man face the full law of the land. it is my prayer that the woman recovers fully from the severe burns sustained from the hand of the man that is supposed to protect her.may God deliver all of us from evil in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  2. This man is a bastard,If this girl has brother,plz do not hesitate to look for that man and kill him.Dont wait for any police settlement or judgment,such human being's are not supposed to exist amongst us.He's deadly and would one day do same to another woman or someone weaker than he is. If your father slept with your wife,and you have full evidence,why not gently go your way and find someone else.

  3. Part of the blame goes to the woman, why did she not yield her father in laws advice, marriage is not by force, is only in this part of the world that people rather die than divorce, this should serve as aher women.to ot lesson


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