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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today's Tweet: Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon On UNILAG Renaming

I know he is talking about UNILAG, 1st of January subsidy removal but the others, no clue. Please somebody help us interpret.


  1. The renaming of UNILAG reminds us of the sudden announcement on Jan 01 of the removal of fuel subsidy.

  2. That is NOT Hon.Patrick Obahiagbon's twitter handle tho whoever owns it is pretty good,grammar wise.His real handle is @PObahiagbon

  3. hon patrick was right . The nomenclature which is system of naming is synonymous to jan 01 subsidy that gave rise to protest and still the story never changed...moreover naming unilag in brusquely imperious way is the final and no order for appeal..it has been said and it has been done*peremptory*that is final


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