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Monday, January 21, 2013

Bishop Larry Trotter Attempts To Explain Inappropriate Photo Bathing With 4-Year-Old Granddaughter

Chicago preacher Bishop Larry Trotter has been under attack online and offline after what many feel was an inappropriate photo of he and his 4 year old grand daughter hit the net.
In his words, the Bishop said;

It’s a very dark time and a very hurtful time for my family because what was innocent has become nasty and ugly.
My kids were over the weekend… I took a bubble bath (the long and short of it). My grand baby who is 4 came in and said ‘paw paw where you get all the bubbles from?”
I teased with her and said ‘I make bubbles, like when you were just a little baby.’
Asked if she could get in… and Javon, her mother, put on her trunks (as I did mine) and she was in the tub 5 minutes I guess.

Javon took a picture, who is her mother, and one of my family members who has access to my instagram and facebook put it out there and I said ‘that’s paw paw’s first lady’.
So it was a totally innocent thing. I know some people never bathe with their kids, I’ve bathed with all of mine. When I was coming up, we shared bath water.
I’m not ashamed of what I did, I am ashamed and hurt that it has gone out across the world and people have called me everything from a child molester to a pedophile to a nasty old man and that I should get out of the ministry… the vulgarities have just been terrible
So I shut down my instagram page and my Facebook page and just be strong for my family.
I take the blame for it… but I know that God is the vindicator. I have been pastoring 31 years, in ministry 36 years. I raised all 5 of my children. I love my grand baby. People have trusted their children with me in my house and retreats.
I just feel awful that now these attacks are suggesting that I can’t be trusted with a child…

I don’t know… perhaps it was an innocent photo… or maybe Trotter’s  interview was a cleverly worded PR statement. Whatever the case, the photo is still quite inappropriate.

I think that shutting down his instagram and Facebook pages is what prompted people to assume he was trying to hide something… but again, I don’t see how anyone could see that photo on their timeline and NOT assume the worst.

Whats your thought on Trotter’s explanation about the bath time photo?


  1. Situation may be innocent but taking the picture and posting on the Internet for the world to see demonstrates poor judgement. Just a tad creepy.

  2. I would never have been confortable with my kids sharing a bath at any age with their grandparents - and I love and respect them. I think 4 is too old for this, eveny when its parents and kids. Kids need to be taught privacy from an early age to help protect them. There are other ways to show love and affection - reading a book togther, walks and activities together - no need to share a bath. No wonder this has caused concern.

  3. Actually his statement isn't quite Cleverly worded..he stated therein that he has even bathed with All his kids..are we to assume that he bathed with his kids in the presence of their mum? Is the presence of other adults who he may or may not have bathed with in their childhood, proof that nothing untoward occurred in the bathroom? Just wondering


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