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Monday, January 28, 2013

Governor Sullivan Chime Confirms Cancer Rumour

Some days ago the internet was set abuzz when the news broke out that Enugu State governor, Sullivan Chime, has Thyroid cancer and that the governor who was visited by colleagues in London last Tuesday developed swellings around his left cheek last year that was diagnosed as Thyroid cancer and so on and so forth.

But now, according to SouthEastNigeria.com; the Enugu State Governor, Sullivan Chime is alive and well.
In a purported phone conversation that SouthEastNigeria.com had with Mr. Chime, issues bordering on the  ill-heath of the governor were discussed.
Governor Chime said that during a medical check up in London, a tumour was discovered behind his nose. Treatment commenced immediately and today he has been declared Cancer free.
As you read this, Gov.Chime is out of hospital and has been declared fit to return to Nigeria.
And on the rumour that the Governor had joined his ancestors from a hospital in India.
Governor Chime said that he had never visited India before neither did he have a visa to the country.

We sincerely hope this will finally put an end to all the rumor of death, cancer, India and what have you that have been tied around the Governor lately.

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