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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Goldie Was Brought In Dead...Reddington Hospital Claims

There have been many speculations and rumors about the cause of death of the late Nigerian pop star, Goldie Harvey. It is rumored that a few friends have insinuated that she died of a drug overdose. Others believe she had a rare condition ‘Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)’, a condition that is caused by long distance travelling when a clot, or thrombus, typically forms in a deep vein in a leg. This condition can also lead to death when a part of the clot breaks off and flows to the lungs. This condition, called a ‘Pulmonary Embolus’. It has also been reported she died of an asthma attack. However, none of these speculations have been confirmed.

A statement was released by the hospital’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Franklyn Ovbigbahon and it said::
Around 7.30 pm on Thursday February 14, 2013, “a high profile media personality was brought to the Reddington Hospital”.
The more interesting bit is that the claim “She was clinically dead on arrival at the hospital.”
The statement further said that despite that fact, some emergency response staff on duty made every effort to resuscitate her adding that the case was now being handled by the Coroners Office to determine the cause of her death. The hospital however offered its condolences to the family of the deceased on the unfortunate incident.


  1. Bullshit. Nigerian hospitals hsve nothing to office. I hsve never heard that anyone was resusitsted in this country. All man living here must pray to have nothing to do in a nigerian hospital.

    Farewell goldie. You didn't have to die.


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