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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nigerian Girl Bathed With Acid In London To Get Free Facial Surgery

One of the world’s top plastic surgeons, Cap Lesesne has offered to work for free to rebuild the face of  the London based Nigerian woman who was left disfigured in an acid attack. Read Naomi Oni's full story HERE and HERE.
Dr Lesesne, who has operated on royalty, pop stars, Hollywood actors and US senators, contacted the Standard to offer his help after reading of Ms Oni’s plight. According to him: 

“I have a young daughter and I was really moved by Naomi’s story. What kind of animal would do that? I’m sure Naomi’s care under the NHS has been superb. She is lucky she is in one of the best places in the world.
“I think the NHS is extraordinary and offers a very high level of care. I have good friends working in Britain. This isn’t a case of me coming in and saying I can do it better but if there is anything I can do to compliment Naomi’s care then I’d like to see if I can help.”

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