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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Adokiye Talks About Her Controversial Nude Photos

The singer who earlier claimed that she was paid  the sum of $200,000 plus a G Wagon Mercedes Benz car to pose semi-nude for the spread in a New York magazine was recently interviewed by Happenings Magazine....this is an excerpt from the interview below:
Tell us about your photo shoot in New York?
Well it happened when I was in New York and it was for work. I am not going to talk much on it but it happened when I was in New York, I did a photo shoot for a private magazine company and that is it.
How did you handle the critics on this issue of your nude picture?
Whoever does something they don’t criticize?
Did you feel offended about it?
No I never did. Critics don’t come to your face, not even one person came to me to complain or anything. But they all say I went nude when I didn’t. Yeah! I showed skin but I didn’t go nude. So everything that went down was good.
How did your family react to it?
My family is very supportive, they know the kind of girl they have, they understand the kind of daughter they have. They are really supportive; it is work like I said. It was very professional and official.

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  1. Keep quite Jo,what kind of daughter do they have,what kind of girl will go nude.were these also done in New York .Face it dear,only a shameless girl will pose like you did in these pics I'm seeing.just do whatever you want to do for money and don't justify it pls you owe no one an explanation.


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