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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Edo State Deputy Governor Speaks On His Relationship With Women

The Deputy Governor of Edo State, Dr. Pius Odubu recently  marked his 25th marriage anniversary and birthday in Benin-City with over two hundred children from different orphanages. Speaking on his relationship with women and alcohol before he met his wife, the deputy governor said:
I have never tasted alcohol all my life, I’ve never smoked all my life, in fact, the kola they eat after prayers, I’ve never tasted it. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and I guess you will say I must have been running around with women. I also didn’t do that. I grew up a very shy person. Up till now, I am a very shy person and that affected my relationship with the opposite sex.
Naturally a shy person will not be one that will be everywhere with girls. I was not really there in the world. My own was that I saw my father and saw everything good in him; so I wanted to be like him. My father never smoked, never drank and, of course, doesn’t eat kola. I didn’t play the field and I am too old to start now. I have always lived a modest life with the fear of God in mind.
...awwww...that's so sweet. 


  1. Very rare qualities.

  2. Ewooooo, this man is the direct opposite of that thief called Osiohmole


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