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Friday, August 30, 2013

Cannibal Cult Leader Who Calls Himself 'Black jesus' And Specialises In Drinking The Blood Of Young Girls Is Hacked To Death

A cannibal cult leader calling himself Black Jesus, who slaughtered his 'Flower Girl' followers and drank their blood, has himself been murdered in the jungles of Papua New Guinea.
In flowing robes, Stephen Tari, 40, a failed Bible student, once led 6,000 'disciples' through the mountainous regions of the country, but was accused of killing at least three young girls and, as their mothers were forced to watch, drinking their blood.

Calling himself 'the true Christ', he was convicted of only rape three years ago - before the country brought in new laws that meant convicted killers and rapists could receive the death penalty - and was among 48 prisoners who broke out of jail six months ago.

Since then he has been on the run with a handful of faithful followers, but his bizarre life came to an end when he was said to have murdered a village woman this week and attempted to take the life of another.
Surrounded by furious villagers on Thursday, he is believed to have been beaten and hacked to death, along with one of his henchmen in the remote village of Gal in the northern province of Madang.
A special investigation by the Daily Mail six years ago heard from three women who said they had witnessed Tari drinking their murdered daughters' blood in bizarre sacrificial ceremonies in village huts as he led his followers through the jungle.


  1. he got what he deserved

  2. Serves him right.

  3. Gbam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is justice.


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