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Thursday, August 29, 2013

''I did not have sex with Angelo, but I Will marry Him if...'' - Beverly Osu

She was on radio yesterday where she spoke about her love for Angelo and other things that went down at the BBA The Chase. Read the interview below:

How do you feel about Angelo's supposed girlfriend Candice?
I don't want to talk about his so called girlfriend because I don't know anything about her.

Did you have sex with Angelo?
I did not have sex with Angelo. I loved him and I still love him. I would get married to Angelo if I had the chance!

And the bathtub scene
 I'll still say....Nothing happened between me and Angelo!

Did you use any strategy?
I talk a lot. My strategy was nothing. I just went with the flow...

Your take on Afrocandy’s movie offer
Afrocandy nibo? No oooo.....Thanks for the offer but NO!

On her plans for the future
I’ll continue with my online reality show “Beverly Says” and I’ll finish school. That’s what is important now.

Check out Nigerian Pornstar, Afro Candy's open letter to Beverly below:
Meanwhile Bev was yesterday admitted into a hospital:
According to NET, Beverly was said to have sustained an ankle injury on the finale of the reality show while climbing the stage and I hear the situation was getting more serious than she had thought.

Beverly who returned on Tuesday night was admitted on Wednesday at FaithCity Hospital, Oju Olobun Close, off Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

She is said to be responding to treatment. Fellow housemate Melvin and Uti Nwachukwu were some of the first people to visit her in the hospital.


  1. This girl is so gullible.

  2. Bev, opened the can of worms thats why a wasted person like Afrocandy is inviting u for auditioning.

  3. You see as u yeye urself.

  4. I feel really sorry for this Bev.

  5. jezzzzzzzz u are a shame n a low life go flush urslf off


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