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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Governor Sullivan Chime Speaks About His Battle With Cancer

Enugu State Governor Sullivan Chime, who has been battling cancer for some time finally speaks about his health:
I am fine. I am not sick. I attend public functions. Some people insist on drawing their own conclusions. What I went through was millions of miles away from what people thought. A routine medical check revealed cancer cells, but they were benign. Since they were discovered early, they were nipped. They had not  spread. It was nothing serious and the technology for the treatment was available.
The   treatment   (chemotherapy) was harsh.  It is not something that I can describe, but I am grateful to God that I went through it successfully.  I  am recovering from  the treatment. Itaffected  my normal cells; they  are re-growing. Doctors predicted that recovery would take up to a year that is  time  for the effects of the treatment to wear off.
I was reading all the stories  about me.  I was amused reading the reports about me, especially the several obituaries. I still required  regular check-ups for evaluation of the progress  of the cell, the re-growth. The regular checks were in March, May and June.   I needed evaluation every six weeks. The most recent evaluation  showed no  signs of affected cells. I would be there again on August 30. I believe that I would not require frequent checks after that.

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  1. Proper Governor. Thank God for ur life.


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