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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bouncers Rescues Justin Bieber After Being Attacked In A Nightclub (PHOTOS)

Justin was reportedly minding his business in a nightclub in Toronto early this morning on Aug. 31 when an overeager clubgoer aggressively tried to tackle him.

According to TMZ: Justin Bieber was bum rushed in a Canadian nightclub by an over eager partier who tried in vain to tackle him.
It all went down at 3 am today at a Toronto nightclub. Sources on scene tell us JB left his safe VIP section to mingle with the regular folk -- and that's when a male clubgoer charged at him, got hold of his shirt (which he was wearing) and attempted to take him down, but failed. 
In the pics ... you can see security rushed in (above) and managed to pull the guy off Bieber -- successfully taking him to the ground. In the midst of the chaos we're told JB was seen trying to defend himself, unleashing a fury of kicks. 
The attacker was escorted out of he club. Police were never called. 

JB and his crew also made a hasty retreat.


  1. For once he didn't start the fight

  2. Clap for that angry dude. jb really needs some slaps.


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