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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Still On Genevieve Nnaji's Interview With YES! Magazine: ''She Has Not Forgiven Us For Publishing A Cover Story Titled: ‘All The Men Who Dated And Dumped Genevieve’'... Publisher

In case you have not been following the story, you can catch up HERE.
The Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Azuh Arinze of the magazine (pictured above with Genevieve on the day of the interview)  released this statement few hours ago:

My attention has just been drawn to the twitter handle of Genevieve Nnaji (@GenevieveNnaji1) where she alleged that she did not grant YES International! magazine the interview published in our Vol. 3 No. 15 edition with the caption: ‘I Want God To Bless Me With The Right Man & A Good Family’.

First, I want to thank her for at least not also denying me. Or even saying that she has never met me. Secondly, I know she resorted to this for two reasons. One – because of the headline. And two – because she confided in a mutual friend of ours that she still hasn't forgiven YES International! for making its debut on June 19, 2011 with a cover story entitled: ‘All The Men Who Dated And Dumped Genevieve’ which she considered displeasing.

Well, I have always made it clear that my brand of journalism is progressive-minded, not withstanding that I belong to the celebrity journalism genre. Without sounding immodest, I can say with every sense of responsibility that I first encountered Genevieve as a budding actress who needed encouragement at the time, which I gladly offered. And if I can still recollect very well, I don’t think any other journalist has interviewed her as much as I have.

Now, to the main issue: If at all Genevieve had taken time to read the full interview in YES International! instead of the disjointed and abridged ones ruling on the social media, perhaps she would have seen where it was clearly stated in the introduction that the interview was conducted ‘Long before super stardom beckoned’.

Also there is: ‘I must, however, confess that I stumbled on the tape again only days back, and while wading through my archives. I’ve transcribed and extracted some of her candid thoughts which she shared with me. Particularly those I consider to still be relevant…”

But to refresh her memory a little – the interview session held at Oceanview Restaurants, Victoria Island, Lagos. The venue was chosen by her and the reasons for the interview known to both of us. We even took some shots after the interview, and we are publishing one of them as proof. All those who want to see the full interview can also stop by at our office (29, Budland Street, Grammar School Bus Stop, Ojodu, Lagos).
Lastly, I think it is expedient at this juncture to also educate Genevieve that interviews are literary works that have the propensity to outlive both the interviewee and the interviewer. Therefore, they could still be re-called and relied on at any time.

YES International! Magazine


  1. This matter never still finish. They should leave my girl alone biko.

  2. Azuh u have said it all.

  3. Genny go and marry.

  4. Why did Genevieve deny in the first place.

  5. Genny should take a chill pill and let them dig interviews as old as methuselah.


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