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Monday, October 22, 2012

CREATIVITY: Zips And Buttons Painted On Live Models

THESE snaps may well send shivers down your spine as artist unzips unusual artwork.

The bizarre exhibits — produced by Japanese artist Chooo-San — used humans as the canvas.
The paintings include zany zip openings on bare backs and painful-looking lace-ups on a foot.
Enjoy more pics after the cut:

A paiting by Japanese artist Chooo-San showing a human body fitted with buttoned up skin
Belly buttons ... bursting at the seams and buttoned-up
Japanese artist Chooo-San ads a zip to a human foot in one of his paintings
An eye is put onto the back of a human hand by Japanese artist Chooo-San
Eyes in the back of their ... hands!
Chooo-San / Rex Features
Switched on ... neck artwork


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