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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Question Of The Day: Which One Looks Better?

Yesterday our very beautiful and sexy actress Cossy Ojiakor celebrated her birthday. Actually the pic above  was where she did a special pole dancing, displaying her oyinbo a**. And now to the question of the day, please read the question below and decide...

 Also this lovely lady below is Ada Ojiakor. She is Cossy's sister(same mother and sane dad)...fine babe nothing do you.


  1. Her sister looks more like a human being. Cossy is def not human.

  2. Cossy is finished, her sister is much finner.

  3. Her sister is pwetty while Cossy is wacky

  4. This cossy babe no well. end of discussion!
    what the heck is this, probably advanced level of insanity. shey that one na swing abi dilapidated ass show off


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