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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Governor Oshiomole Sacks Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Caroline Edo-Osagie Over The Death Of Nollywood Actor, Brown Atienwhen

The Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomole  have sacked the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism’s Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Caroline Edo-Osagie over her negligence to duty which eventually led to the death of  a Benin-based Nollywood actor and staff of the State Ministry of Arts, Culture Tourism, Brown Atienwhen.

Atienwhen died last Sunday at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH).
Nollywood actors and actresses have been protesting on major streets in Benin City, the Edo state capital, southsouth Nigeria, alleging that he died because he could not pay the N150,000 demanded by the doctors treating him.
Colleagues and the leaders of the workers’ union in the Edo Arts Council, a parastatal under the State Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism, also alleged that the artiste died because of negligence on the part of the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Caroline Edo-Osagie, who did not release money for the treatment of the deceased.
Reacting, Mr. Mike Kadiri, Chairman of the Edo Arts Council chapter of the Radio, Television and Theatre Workers’ Union, RATTAWU, said although the commissioner in charge of the ministry approved the release of the sum of N150,000 to the family of the late actor last week, the Permanent Secretary refused to release the money, because according to her, the late artiste owed her N7,000.
Kadiri, who said he personally took the deceased to the hospital where he was diagnosed, noted that the doctor requested for the sum of N150, 000 to carry out a major operation and he immediately informed the ministry.
He said that the man eventually died on Sunday, just two days after the money was eventually released to the family.
“The commissioner confirmed that she approved the money immediately the request was made and that we should see the Permanent secretary, Edo-Osagie. But she sent us out of her office and said she had no business with us and when we persisted she walked out of the office,” Kadiri said.
Efforts to reach Mrs. Edo-Osagie in her office failed as she was said to have travelled out of the state.
The state Commissioner for Arts, Culture and Tourism, Miss Aanena Jimitola, confirmed that the money was released to the family of the actor before he passed on, adding that though there was dearth of funds, she expected that with various income sources available to the ministry the money should have been released earlier.


  1. Everythn u have writen on this blog is fake but will not blame u becos this was the only information available to Note THE TRuTH: mrs caroline edo osaigie is true test of woman hood who has fought for edo state government and the arts council in genaral all s started wen she was invited by the icpc ovr a petition that was filled against her by the insider aftr askin her to sign money for them they refuse to understnd she has a good record after her return it is now she decided she was nevr goin to sign any money without due process the comisioner means no well as all her plans for edo state arts council is looting funds this said annenah has kept on pressurising her to sign checks but she will not because it nevr came thru due process and as u read this test this said annenah has a lot of fraud record as regarrds to arts council and this is wat she did : brown was sick and was taken to a private hospital according to govrnt rule a sick person who is a government official should be takn to a government hospital then after the treatment he or she can now pressnt the medical bills it is only here the government can now pay for some of the bills according to fund available if not all but in this case this was not done annenah the comisioner did not write to eithr the S'S'G or the H.O.S' for approval of any money as this are the only two bodies responsible for aprrovn such funds in the state she went Ahead out envy to tell the people that she has approved the sum of #150,000 naira which she did just by phone call and askn a mare director to raise a memo which they alleged was sent to the office of the permanent secretry and she was not allowd to speak to press becoz she was not granted permision this woman mrs caroline accordin to browns wife has been the greatest help since they admitted her husband in the hospital according to her comisionr gave her only #20,000 naira only for drugs a comissionr who can approv #150,00 naira n'hw much has this woman mrs caroline spent so far over this illness findout urself n'u will be amazed the Illness of which brown died accordin to the doctor is a serious one he didnt die because there was no money but because the illness has eatn him up before he was rushed to the hospital and this kind of illness is Gods intervention of which i will not also mention u can find out urself to cut it short she went into media to cheap blackmail a woman of typr because of her ambigiouse curiosity to loot funds the amazing thing abt it all is at the exco meeting after blackmailn a woman of type to the governor The comrade Governor whom i expected should have set up a panel to investigate the isue properly may be out of anger apprvd her dissmisal but this was a woman who stood for him during his election who used her own personal money to organize youth who stood there in that hot sun to make sure her ward was captured for the government of oshiomhole this woman deserves better treat than this disrespect to save the state and the arts council frm a big mess the comrade governor shold reannounce this sack and investigate properly if not for this few days now that she has her hands on the check book more fraud will go on I want the comrade governor to understnd that this situation should be given a fair hearing frm both side before conlusive decisions are been reached instead of makin rash decissions Thank YoU

    1. thanks my friend this blog is such a lie


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