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Friday, October 12, 2012

Wonder Bra That Can Detect Breast Cancer Early

They are the saviour of female joggers everywhere and have the ability to hold men in their thrall.
But now the humble brassiere could have another - and much more vital - role to play.

Catching the cancer early is crucial to survival rate - and the efficacy of traditional annual mammograms as a reliable detection method is being called into question, with tumours beginning to form up to six years before they can be detected using mammograms.
First Warning Systems believe their device will play be able to detect tumours early on and reduce the rate of false positives and negatives - thereby helping women seek treatment as soon as possible following a diagnosis.
The invention takes the form of a sensor that is placed inside the undergarment where it will measure any changes in cell temperature caused by the blood vessel growth associated with tumours as they develop.
Medcitynews.com reported that the sensor will also contain software that uses pattern recognition, chronology and artificial intelligence to look for changes in breast tissue that might indicate a tumour was present.

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  1. Sounds cool


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