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Monday, October 15, 2012

See The $798 Booties Beyonce Let Blue Ivy Have (Photo)

9-month-old Blue Ivy already has a shoe closet most grown-up fashionistas would envy.
Her latest addition is a Light pink leather and bedazzled Jamie sneakers ($798) designed by Ruthie Davis.
The shoe designer recently posted on her Facebook page as seen below:

It's a known fact that when you have a little girl, it is physically impossible to resist buying gratuitous shoes.
But aren't these shoes just a little over-priced for a 9-month-old baby?


  1. this is a pure waste of money.

  2. this is TOO MUCH abeg!

  3. Though its kinda outrageous, na still their money sha.

  4. loool, errrm they can afford it so what's the big deal? loool i see you dont have better news to blog about


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