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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ex. Mr Nigeria, Kenneth Okolie Kidnapped Along With Nkiru Sylvanus

The fast rising actor/model Kenneth Okolie, Nkiru and another yet to be identified passenger left a movie location in Owerri late Saturday night and were heading to another location when gunmen blocked Nkiru's car between Concorde Hotel and Cathedral Road in Owerri, and took all three passengers in the car.

Kenneth left Lagos two weeks ago to feature in the movie and was due back home sometime this week. The kidnappers are yet to make contact with Kenneth's family.
When Ngozi Okonjo Iweala's mother was kidnapped, President Jonathan ordered the ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE to support men of the POLICE FORCE in the ultimate search.
Now, the Nkiru Sylvanus and Kenneth are both  cooling off in the kidnappers den at an undisclosed location.
My question is can't they get a dispatch too? Or, is there a certain CRITERIA that the Federal Government uses to determine eligibility for that SERVICE? This is the 4th day. We pray for their safe return. 
In the main time see some photos from the movie set below..

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