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Friday, December 28, 2012

Kogi State Governor Involved In Ghastly Car Crash...ADC Dies Instantly

The governor was initially rushed to the Emergency Ward of the Kogi State Specialist Hospital in Lokoja after the accident, which occurred on the bad Abuja – Lokoja expressway.

He was however moved to the Government House Hospital following the huge crowd that besieged the state Specialist Hospital.
Mr Wada and his convoy were returning from an official assignment and were close to Lokoja, the state capital before the accident occurred.
The governor’s Aide-de-Camp (ADC) died instantly at the scene of the accident.


  1. That's great bc d evil dat men do lives wit dem and not after dem,when dey refused tarring d roads and syphoning taxpayers money abroad what do we xpect to hear

  2. i once saw a govnor convoy flying apprx 300km per hr on a untarred road ...

    Though the convoy consist of fully armed MOPOLs, armed SSS, armed soldiers, then one wonders why this guys always speeding like a bat out of hell???

    the advance car is usually called "PILOT 1"..The driver is expected to fly the car and
    all cars in the convoy are expected to keep up with this "mad pilot"

    Is speed the best protection for the VIPs they are conveying?

    this sad though..poor ADC dead and gone forever.. Poor govnor wish him quick recovery..i hope others will learn


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