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Friday, December 28, 2012

Rihanna's Nude Photos Exposed

The beautiful singer was in her native country of Barbados last week to spend the holidays with her family. While on the balcony of her hotel with the curtains wide open, Rihanna took off her bikini to put on her underwear. There were paparazzi lurking around and the rest is history.
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  1. I have no respect for this girl.

  2. the paparazzi should have gotten clearer shots naw...

  3. did her fish brain not tell her that paparazzi will definitely be lurking around, with the wide publicity she gives go herself daily on sock social networks....as if she js not even happy about it anyway...i'm out of here....really thought i will see more than just yanch and small boobi

    1. You should have atleast consulted a dictionary before commenting.

  4. why she´s looking for the camera?

  5. Its all for sex baby


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