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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Prezzo Denies Plans To Marry Goldie

In a recent interview with a Kenyan website, Prezzo in strong terms refuted the recent rumour that he and the late Nigerian pop singer Goldie were planning to get married...in fact this was what he said about the whole marriage thing:
"What? I'm really shocked to hear this. I've actually heard it for the first time from you. That's a big lie though. If we were really getting married I would be in Nigeria or she (Goldie) in Kenya. Those are just fake stories created by blogs," 
Goldie and Prezzo met at the Big Brother house and have been friends ever since...even attending events together. Goldie has visited Prezzo in Kenya while Prezzo has also been a frequent visitor of Nigeria.

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  1. people needs to understand how celebrities create controversy for themselves in other to remain relevant in tђє society at tђє time they av nothing to offer. I didn't buy their affair from tђє start. I knew it was fluke.


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