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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

EXPOSED: How A Nigerian Boy Photoshopped Kim Kardashian's Twitter Account To Insult Nigerian Women

When I first saw the shocking tweet yesterday...I took a second look and had a very big laugh at some very obvious flaws which most Nigerians did not observe in the fake tweet...see the fake tweet below...
...among the flaws I noticed were:

  1. The fonts are much more bolder than the normal twitter fonts
  2. As at yesterday(26 Mar 2013)  the tweet was already showing  26 Mar 2013...which is not suppose to be so....it was only suppose to show the number of hours ago that it was tweeted and not the current date.
  3. Kim Kardashian's twitter page has always had pink links and not blue as seen in the above tweet
  4. And you do not get to see those additional information like ''via Twitter'' and ''Embed this tweet'' on a normal tweet the way it is above.
These amongst others where what made me ignored it yesterday...but a lot on people actually believed she tweeted it and have been blasting Kim K on twitter since yesterday....too bad...funny enough...the guy behind the whole drama seems to be having fun...looking at some of his tweets below...

 So my dear Nigerian Ladies Kim K did not insult you in any way...I doubt if she is even aware of this in the first place...maybe with all the Insult mentioning her will give her a clue.... in fact the person that actually insulted Nigerian ladies here is dotdotdotdotdotdotdo @chuckicheese.....(what sort of name is that sef?) whose photo is seen above.
 ....so on this note....I rest my case!

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  1. naija.....smh



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