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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lynxxx's Record Label Debunks Night Club Fight Rumour

There has been this scandalous gist making the rounds that singer and Pepsi brand ambassador, Lynxxx allegedly stabbed a man during a fight at a new night club located in Victoria Island, Lagos....so in that regards his record label, Syndik8 Records has released a press statement debunking the story...read the statement below:
Please disregard this false accusations against Lynxxx as this is an attempt to blackmail and tarnish his Brand image.
This is not the only attempt this people have made as they have made all sorts of allegations to the police as well of which the police has disregarded due to lack of. Evidence or reason and stories that don’t match. 
An incident occurred at Entyce night club last week where this alleged “Pope” guy slapped and assaulted a female because she refused to talk to him at the event and said she wasn't interested and didn't want too be bothered. However this female happened too be a friend of Lynxxx’s as well as being Lynxxx’s managers cousin. 
The incident was witnessed by a lot of people including Uti, Gideon, Segun Demuren of EME and dozens more. They where all livid at the situation and repeatedly asked for the guy to come outside and apologize and he was being hidden and shielded inside the club by the owner. 
Eventually he was confronted inside the club and was guarded by bouncers who pushed people and scuffled to try. And sneak him out. Lynxxx never laid a finger on this man and neither did any one in his camp.
This is just a cheap attempt to target lynxxx and his image and shall be dealt with as the police are on top of The matter. 
Please disregard such lies and false posts as if such an incident occurred, it wouldn't take a week to get out. All allegations are simply made up too stir up bad press against Lynxxx who only stood up for what was wrong. 
Syndik8 Records”

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