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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tiger Woods Finds Love Again...As His Ex-Mistress Fires Back

Tiger Woods has finally confirmed his relationship with Lindsey Vonn....though it has been speculated for months now that the two sports personality have been dating. This announcement was made yesterday by the American professional golfer via his Facebook page as seen below:
Lindsey Caroline Vonn is well known as a World Cup alpine ski racer who competed with the United States Ski Team.

Meanwhile, Tiger Woods's ex-mistress who is also a former hooker/porn star/ Devon James  has told TMZ that Tiger's new GF Lindsey Vonn better know what she's getting herself into. ... saying:
 "I thought he would have picked a woman who was more petite and not someone who is more muscular and has a bigger head than his."James continues, "But maybe his taste has changed since Elin and the 27 mistresses."
"But you know when the pics came out of Tiger and his new girlfriend ... somewhere, 15 other girls were going , 'Huh? I thought I was his GF!'"

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