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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ruggedman Blast Channels TV Presenters Over ''MY Oga At The Top'' Saga

The rapper is accusing the Channels TV presenters for practicing unprofessional journalism...with the way and manner they handled the situation... which has now made #MyOgaAtTheTop an internet frenzy for some days now....but in case you still do not know the genesis of this ''MY Oga At The Top'', then click HERE...see Ruggedman's tweets below:
...see more tweets after the cut...

...in a way I see alot of reasons in what Ruggedman is saying....do you agree with him?


  1. I totally disagree with rugged on this one, may I kindly remind rugged an that the World Wide Web began over 2 decades ago, and "Naija we hail deed" with all the stupid talk of vision 20/20 have leaders in office that don't know what the simply entrance into the web is. The sad thing wasn't the fact that he didn't know the actual web address, cos in fairness that does happen to most of us, but not to know that a web address should end with .com .ng .org .uk etc for a man of his position, title and amazingly high profiled colourful uniform, could be classed as a holy sin. I won't be surprise if his CV states his degree came from Harvard.
    2ndly Journalist are paid to get information and feed such info to their readers, listeners or viewers, its their job to ensure they get answers no matter our tricky or directly they decide to ask the question, reasons why in the western world you have things like investigative journalism and all sort of aggressive and playing the devils advocates kind of journalist that people respect their work cos they get the job done.
    When we have leaders and officials like this uneducated authoritative illiterate gracing high profile official seats and blatantly refusing to gain training, educate his mind or move with the current tsunami of the technological age, Naija is definitely still walking on a gloomy part "dats all" lol
    Tweet me if you have an issue with my stance @2onymontana

  2. Tony Williams ...You have splited my mind .Ruggedman need attention that is why he's tweeting rubbish and i think he's a kinda less busy ....

    if we continue mocking all this our naija top position holder,i guess they will eventually at the end answer to our opinions and suggestions ..



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