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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nuella Njubigbo Denies Dating Governor

Nollywood actress, Nuella Njubigbo has refuted the rumour that she was dating a south-south governor that even bought her a brand new car....well according to her:
"When I read that a governor bought me my new car, I was annoyed by it but later found it funny. I've never met the said governor before. I've not even seen him from a distance. I've only seen him on TV and newspapers. So how can a man I've only seen on TV buy me a car? You know, people will always talk but the truth is, I don't know that man.
And about my parents hearing about it, they know me. I don't lie to them so it wasn't an issue. They understand that lies like this come with the job. I love this job and this is the sacrifice I have to make. 
And the man in my life also knows me very well, he didn't even for once ask me if the story of me dating a south south governor was true. That's my car. He knows how I got it. I didn't have to prove anything to him for a second." 

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