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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beverly And Angelo Quarrelling Already?

Is there trouble in paradise??????????
Last Night after the Channel O Party; Angelo and Beverly decided to continue their Jacuzzi session from the other night...if you know what I mean. But this time around things looked really tense between the twosome.
Bervely was telling her Rastaman Lover:
"Angelo don't ignore me, Angelo what's wrong?"
But instead Angelo gave her the silent treatment. 
Later she said:
"I don’t know what you are thinking. Just know whatever you are thinking it is hurting me," 
After sometime, Berv and Angelo were seen hugging in the jacuzzi but things were still awkward and tense between them.

Lol...how can Angelo ignore Berv barely two days after  shagging her? No naw...its too early. So soon? What went wrong?

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