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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beverly's Message To Angelo: "There Are Lots Of Other Fishes In The Sea"

Yesterday evening the Nigerian rep at the ongoing BBA, Beverly revealed to her fellow Housemates that she plans on getting married next year, saying:
 "I am ripe for marriage."
Cleo tried to advise the 21 year old saying:
 "But you are too young"  
But that piece of advice seemed to go in the one ear and out the other for Beverly . 
"I am tired of having boyfriend" Beverly responded.
When asked by her fellow Housemates what she would do if her South African boyfriend does not want to tie the know next year, she replied: 
"There are lots of other fish in the sea."
Hummmmm....Beverly has got her plan B all along, which is good for her. Because she seriously needs it....can you imagine what the look on her face will be like when shes gets back to the real world and realises that her rastaman lover, Angelo already has a very hot girlfriend waiting for him in South Africa?
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  1. This gal don kolo finish.

  2. She will cry and cry at the realisation and then do more porn movies for us to watch.

  3. Who will marry a whore like u?

  4. Of course, prepare ur mind bcos Angelo will never marry u. Not in this life time.

  5. u r veri veri sick upstairs

  6. Thank God u know.

  7. Berv, its good to know that u know that u are a loser.


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