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Thursday, August 15, 2013

DNA Result Confirms That Scott Disick Is Mason's Biological Father

A DNA test has revealed Scott Disick is the father of Kourtney Kardashian's son Mason, dismissing a male model's claims he is Mason's biological father. See that story HERE.
Kourtney was asked by model Michael Girgenti to allow 3-year-old Mason to undergo the DNA test, after he claimed he had an unprotected sex with Kourtney while she and Scott were on a break in their relationship in March 2009.
But the lab results from tests taken on August 12 have proved his allegations are false.
See the DNA report after the cut...
I magnified the conclusion section of the lab report here for your easy perusal:

See the full document below:


  1. Yeah i didnt buy that Scott wasnt the father cause Mason And Penelope are like identical.

  2. the court needs to do a dna test not a private one by a scammer.

  3. Why is she in such a hurry to provide a dna test now? The court need to do it this dna could have been done by Kris Jenner laboratories.

  4. I highly doubt this test can be fake.

  5. It is now time to sue the bony ass model for defamation of xter.

  6. who cares who's baby this child is, i mean their whole family are whores anyway!!!!!


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