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Friday, August 16, 2013

Former BBA Housemates, Barbs And Zainab Playing Golf In Swimwear (PHOTOS)

These ladies are definitely enjoying each others' company in a very special way that appears confusing to some of us. They seem to be so close that if today the models are not kissing each other in the mouth, they  are busy cuddling or jumping half naked and playing golf....though I hear the the Golf pics were taken during a Monokini photoshoot.
More pics of them together after the cut...

Do you think this is just some 'Girly/Sisterly love' or its more than what we are seeing?


  1. It might be a photo shoot. But C'mom these gurls are lesbos

  2. They are just goofing around, I dont thinks anything serious is going on with them. Though u cant trust all these gals.

  3. This one pass play pls. What are they really up to?

  4. Piktures don't lie, they are lesbians.

  5. Lesbo ladies in aktion


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