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Friday, August 23, 2013

Meet The British-Nigerian Girl Who Made History To Become Britain’s First Ever Black Marchioness (PHOTOS)

The royal couple with Emma's parents
British-Nigerian Girl, Emma McQuiston weds Lord Bath's son Viscount Weymouth, 39-year-old Ceawlin Thynn to become Britain’s first ever black marchioness. See their engagement photos HERE.
Her father, a Nigerian oil tycoon, Ladi Jadesimi, who is based in Lagos, gave out his daughter in marriage to Viscount Ceawlin Thynn, of Britain on Saturday 8th June.
But the father of the groom, Lord Bath decided to stay away from the wedding, after a row with his son over the removal of a collection of erotic murals from the couple's apartment within the stately home.
Emma McQuiston has since been faced with prejudice and a bitter family feud since becoming Britain’s first black marchioness. 
Emma is supposed to be referred to as ‘Lady Weymouth’ in conversation, reserving the title ‘Viscountess Weymouth’ for written addresses...but the beautiful 27-year-old new wife of Viscount Weymouth is happy to be known as just ‘Emma’.
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  1. Nice pic ...what exactly is spectacular about these pose?

  2. Thats good news, for a Nigerian blood to be resident in a british palace. Kudos Emma.


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