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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Photos Of Egyptian Protesters Pushing An Armoured Police Van Off A Bridge As British Cameraman Is Shot And Killed

This is the horrifying moment an armoured police vehicle was pushed off a bridge by protestors in Cairo today.  
The van plunged off the 6th October Bridge before demonstrators attacked the wreckage. It is not known how many people were on board and how many people survived the fall, but bloodied men were seen lying around the van moments afterwards. Unconfirmed reports on Twitter claimed five were dead.
The dramatic pictures show the van being ambushed by dozens of people before crashing through a protective fence on the bridge. It then falls upside down and then rolls onto its roof as it lands. Blood can then be seen on the ground as nearby police officers pull injured men out of the crushed vehicle. 
British Sky cameraman Mick Deane (pictured above) was shot and killed as he covered the clashes yesterday.
Mick Deane, 61 was married with two sons.
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  1. Radical Islamist are as scary as hell... Do they believe in GOD for real? How can they justify killing innocent people in the name of the religion?


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