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Thursday, August 1, 2013

So This Pic Is Actually From A Movie Scene

Sorry guys for the late post, my browser has been messing with me. Thanks for your understanding.
When I first saw this pic on some blogs last week with the story that the girl pictured above was found dead in a hotel in Lagos...I was really shocked. The reports went further by claiming that her name was Florence Ngwu, a 300L student of University of Nigeria. This kind of sent some shock waves around for awhile until the producers of a certain movie released a statement claiming that no such thing happened in real life, but rather it was a photo from a movie titled ''Murder at Prime Suite''.
Read their statement below:
Over the last weekend, news broke out on the Internet about a certain girl, Florence Ngwu, murdered at prime suite, Lagos. We have tried to put a stop to the rumour but it keeps going viral.
I am Jumafor Ajogwu and I am the producer of the movie called, “Murder at Prime Suite” (MAPS). The movie featured stars like Joseph Benjamin, Keira Hewatch, Chelsea Eze, Okey Uzoeshi and a host of other talented upcoming acts. I want to categorically state to the general public that this is a movie; it is not a real life incident. This  movie would premiere nationwide on the 30th of August, 2013 at Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, Lekki Lagos. We cannot trace how the rumour leaked as we had several journalists on our set during principal photography but we want to put a stop to this rumour and make every Nigerian and the rest of the world know that it is a movie and not another incident like the rumour claimed.

The movie is a total fiction and a C&C Screen production’s vision to promote the value for Nigerian lives. Florence Ngwu is a character in our movie and every other character or things in the movie do not represent any true identity of living or dead.
Jumafor Ajogwu
MAPS, Producer
For more information, please visit:
Website: www.mapsthemovie.com
See the trailer of the movie below:


  1. Lol, but thank God.

  2. I was really worried when I first saw this pic on one blog. I thought it was another Cynthia's case.

  3. thank you..here is my blog also http://www.omobar.blogspot.com


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