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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Usher's 5-Year-Old Son Involved In Pool Accident One Year After His Stepson's Death

Usher's five-year-old son was rushed to intensive care on Monday after a serious pool accident. 
Usher Raymond V is currently being treated in the ICU at an Atlanta, Georgia hospital after his arm got caught in the drain of a pool at the star's home at around 6pm in the evening.

The youngster was said to playing in the water with his aunt, one of Usher's sisters, according to TMZ.
After spying a toy in the drain of the pool, he reportedly dove down to retrieve it but his arm got caught in the process.
Seeing her nephew underwater, Usher Raymond V's aunt immediately swam down to rescue the boy but to no avail.
After a maid also rushed to the scene and further could not help, she screamed for help.
It was then that two men working in the house were said to have rushed out and also dove into the pool, finally freeing the boy's arm from the drain.
Usher Raymond V was then reportedly given CPR and rushed to hospital.
His famous father was not home at the time of the incident, but as soon as he was notified, was said to have promptly rushed to his Atlanta property.
He rode in the ambulance with his son and was later joined at the hospital by Usher Raymond V's mother, Tameka Raymond, TMZ reports. 
The little boy's state is currently described as 'OK' and doctors are reportedly running tests on the little boy.
The terrifying turn of events come after Usher's 11-year-old stepson Kile Glover died over a year ago, two weeks after he was critically injured in a boating accident.

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