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Monday, October 8, 2012

75-Year-Old Dad Who Had His Sex-Changed To Become A Woman Now Wants To Be A Man Again

A SEX-swap dad told yesterday how he boobed by becoming a woman 23 years ago — and begged the NHS to give him his tackle back.
RAF veteran Gary Norton — now 75 — moaned: “I now realise inside I’m a red-blooded man and always have been.

“I want a physical relationship with a woman but I’ve got no equipment — it all went in the op. It’s one heck of a mistake to make.”
Regrets ... sex-swap dad Gary Norton
The father of four, who changed his name to Gillian after his wife and kids disowned him, tried dating fellas but said he never fancied them.

He has now quit taking the female hormones that stopped his beard growing — and is on a waiting list to have the breasts the drugs gave him removed. Gary, of Coventry, is pleading with local health chiefs to go the whole hog and fund a full gender reversal op. They have refused.
He insisted: “I feel trapped. I did my best to embrace it and be a woman.
“I bought bikinis and nice dresses, spent time on my hair and make-up and always had lovely manicured nails.
“But the operation essentially left me a lesbian.” Despite joining a ladies’ yoga class and even modelling bikinis in a fashion show, he said: “My life’s a nightmare.”
Gary told how he now realises that the secret cross-dressing he did behind his wife’s back before the NHS op was as far as he really ever wanted to go.
He said: “The sex change was the biggest mistake of my life — and I’m lonely.
“I date women but once they find out I have a female body it always ends.”

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