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Monday, October 8, 2012

Killing Of 4 UNIPORT Students:The Faces Of Their Killers

Its true some of you have seen the horrifying video of the brutal killing of 4 UNIPORT students in Aluu Community, Rivers state. I have not been able to watch the terrifying clip...yes because based on what I have heard I'm very sure I can't stomach it and that's largely why you can't find the video on this blog. But that notwithstanding the faces of some of the heartless executioners who carried out the dastardly act are seen above.
I know the Police and other security agencies are carrying out their investigations, but like they say 'Pictures don't lie'. And this will go a long way in helping the security agencies track down the perpetrators of this evil act.
The two men above were seen in the video beating this students (photo below) with planks and machete and eventually killed them. And please nobody should tell me to take the 'suspects' photos down. Because if it is okay for the 4 students badly battered  nude  bodies to be circulated in photos and videos , then why can't these KILLERS be circulated as well?
It might also interest you to know that Lloyd  Popularly called Big L and Ugonna  also popularly called Tipsy were upcoming rappers. Big L was the winner of a popular rap contest show on STV port-harcourt called Turb.And as you read this their songs are been played on the airwaves across Port Harcourt.
 To listen to their song click HERE
All I'm after is #JusticeForAluu4. Peace!


  1. people are wicked sha.

    1. They are wicked and heartless. And they will never know peace.

  2. Bastard men of evil acts, killing our tomorrows leaders,the killers tomorrow shall know no rest still the rest of their live


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