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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Suleja Bombing: How Suspects Were Promised 72 Virgins Each

 Suspected Suleja and Madala bombers at the Federal High Court, Abuja, today
The text message was found in the phone of one of the Boko Haram suspect and sequel to the approval by presiding Justice Bilkisu Aliyu, the said text message was read in the open court, yesterday. 
The message reads:
“Do a deed which Allah by his grace and mercy save you from the punishment of the grave and a dangerous bridge with the speed of light and make you pass Serud (sic).
Save you from the greatest fear and hell fire. 70 members of your family will marry you 72 virgins in paradise; give you a crown of respect which even the prophet will be impressed with; I say by the Rasud, ‘keep your soul in the green birds of paradise and you wish to return to the world and die as he died because of the good blessings and reward you encounter after such a noble last deed. I pray for such a noble deed.”
Lol...72 Virgins? Can people be this gullible? 

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