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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Woman Caught With Breast Implants Containing 1.3kg Of Cocaine

A WOMAN was busted trying to smuggle cocaine into Spain in her BREASTS.
The 20-year-old underwent a boob-job like operation but instead of silicone implants she had the Class A powder inserted under her skin.

It's thought the Panamanian traveller was forced into the operation by cruel traffickers in a Colombian drugs cartel.
She was stopped earlier this month at Barcelona’s El Prat airport, following a flight from Bogota, after police thought she was "acting funny".
During a search, they found a blood-soaked bandage covering her chest - which she admitted resulted from the operation to introduce the packets of drugs into her body.
She was rushed to a medical centre in the city, where doctors removed 1.3 kilos of cocaine in the sealed bags.
A police source told the Vozpspuli news website that her arrest most likely saved her life, as she may not have survived much longer with such quantities of the substance in her body.
He said: "She was in a very bad state when she arrived. She said she was not in any pain but the wounds looked very bad."
This brings me to my question, what wont people or let me say ladies do for money?

Culled from UK SUN

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