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Friday, August 2, 2013

89-Year-Old Robert Mugabe Wins Zimbabwe Election

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's party has won a huge majority in parliament in this week's elections, officials say. Robert Mugabe has been in power for 33 years.
According to reports, partial results of Wednesday's poll have given the 89-year-old a commanding lead, with his ZANU-PF party garnering 87 seats out of 120 declared.

But there are doubts about how fair the vote was, with reports of missing ballot papers and a lot of people being turned away from polling stations.

Sky's Alex Crawford says there are other stories about people turning up and seeing their dead relatives on the electoral register.
Mugabe's bitter rival, Morgan Tsvangirai, has rejected the vote as a "huge farce" and "null and void".
"It's a sham election that does not reflect the will of the people," he said, pointing to a litany of alleged irregularities with the voters' roll.
The independent Zimbabwe Election Support Network reported up to one million voters were prevented from voting in Tsvangirai strongholds.

But Mugabe won an endorsement from the African Union on Friday, with former Nigerian president and military leader Olusegun Obasanjo saying the vote was basically free and fair.

Southern African regional bloc SADC says it is too early to declare Zimbabwe's disputed election fair, but noted the vote was free and passed off without violence.

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