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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Anita Joseph Speaks About Her Relationship With Pornstar Afrocandy

The Nollywood actress/singer said she has stopped wearing skimpy clothes because she noticed that wearing covered clothes fit her more. Anita said she is currently engaged to be married to a Nigerian footballer who hails from Anambra State but he is based in Holland....she said other things too, read an excerpt from her recent interview:

 Could it be that your skimpy dressing made Afrocandy say she would want to feature you in her porn movie?
It should be. I have never said anything on that issue.
 You mean you never replied her?
No way. Sometimes, when you hear something, it will just be good for you to shut up.
But really, would you want to feature in her movie?
No! I can’t! How can I do pornography? I can wear short things but I can never do pornography. But I didn’t say anything to her.
I learnt she would call me but she didn’t call me. I have never met her. I don’t even know her. She is not my friend.
 How did you feel when you saw her post saying she wished you would feature in the movie?
I was so embarrassed. I was ashamed of myself. Why me? But I didn’t want to react immediately. I read what other actresses she mentioned said. They blasted her. People were waiting for my comments. But I didn’t want to talk. I just kept quiet. It is not good to react when things are very hot. My industry is one that you get spoilt if you want to and you remain a good girl if you desire that as well. You have to be strong-willed to be a good girl. It is alright though. Some people can do porn but certainly not me.
We are Nigerians and there are things our culture cannot tolerate. I don’t even know where she came from. I have not seen her. That was my first time of hearing her name. I had to go and check her out on her Facebook and I was really embarrassed.

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  1. Dress the way u want people to be addressed.


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