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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beverly Osu Cries Bitterly As Her Boyfriend, Angelo Is Evicted From BBA The Chase

Beverly Osu cried really hard tonight after her man, Angelo was booted out of the BBA The Chase. 
The moment the live show ended Bev headed up stairs into the bedroom and cried under the covers for some time before she started parking Angelo's clothes...she even ironed his South African flag and kept his stuffs neatly like every diligent wifey would do. 
Her fellow country-mate Melvin tried to console her all to no avail. See what melvin told Bev below:.
"You still have me. You will be fine. I will still be here for you," her fellow country-mate Melvin said in consolation. "My bed is the biggest the House. You can share it with me." 
But Beverly just lay in bed not saying much at all. After that she headed out into the garden to have a smoke by herself.


  1. Stop crying. it was never ment to be,

  2. She will soon forget him jor.

  3. u berra pray for Africans to vote for u instead of crying ur silly self out.

  4. Lol, Angelo no miss u at all my dear bev.

  5. Why is she crying was she expecting Angelo to win and for her to loose. yeye girl.


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